Sunday Smack

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Hey there, everybody!

I am back after a very eventful week and a half spent with friends, lots of laughter, London of course, and a few days of work even.

Fortunately this one is a long weekend, so I can at least attempt to get some much needed sleep.

It has also been a very eventful week world affairs-wise, I couldn’t even keep up with things here. I will try to reflect back on everything I have missed though, in the coming days.

Now, I hope you’ll check out what I have read this past week.

Starvation in Syria: Is it time to reconsider humanitarian corridors?

Conflicts like the one in Syria can leave populations lacking basic needs to survive, while providing them with aid could be legally challenging. And that is a problem.

A brief note from post-election Ukraine

The election might have solved a few political problems in Ukraine, but violence and Russian influence still have to be dealt with in the East.

Why The Central African Republic’s SMS Ban is So Deeply Troubling

Limiting communication among people in conflicted areas is never a good decision. It shows the weakness of the government and never really solves anything.

Non-State Armed Groups in NIAC: Does IHL Provide Legal Authority for the Establishment of Courts?

Another interesting international law question. How do courts established by armed groups fit in the rules of international humanitarian law?

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