Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everybody!

After the last long weekend, this one was a one day weekend in Hungary, and I can’t believe tomorrow’s Monday already, I would have needed so much more sleep. And staying up for ESC last night did not help.

About that: I am really saddened by all the hate that’s pouring my social media streams from Hungary. Normally I like to think that we are way over this stone aged thinking, just to realize time and again that we are so not.

For me, the song itself wasn’t my favorite at all, so I did not think for a moment that it should have won (Hungary was the best anyway :P). Yet, I am happy to have witnessed how Europe has voted for openness and tolerance this time. How about you all?

And of course, check out what else happened in the world last week.

A Big Development in Syria

No good news for the opposition might be the best of news for the people of Syria at this point. 

Exclusive: U.S. to Support ICC War Crimes Prosecution in Syria

I am sceptical over whether it would have any real effect – like the arrest warrant agains Omar al-Bashir did not change anything in Sudan. But it still would be positive to reach a P5 consensus over Syria for once.

What John Kerry Accomplished (and What He Did Not) in Africa

The US Secretary of State toured Africa last week. One major impact of his visit came along in South Sudan.

In Europe we mistrust

I haven’t yet read the full publication that they recommend in this post, but just those statistics and short analysis is interesting ahead of the European elections. (Sidenote: in my country the government itself fuels Euroscepticism, and there is one far-right opposition party that fuels it the most.)

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