Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everybody!

I’ve spent the last four days (long weekend in Hungary) relaxing mostly, but I tried to keep up with the news as well. Here’s a few blog posts of last week’s news for you.

Russia and the USA Fight. Syrians Lose.

I just don’t think it works this way – like Russia calls Syria saying ‘you guys can let loose and behave badly’. Let’s hope it’s not nearly like this, especially since after quite a few grievous days in Ukraine again, the US-Russian relationship is not likely to improve. 

Is Assad Now Using Chlorine to Gas His Own People?

Chlorine apparently was not covered by the deal brokered with Syria last fall to eliminate its chemical weaponry, so Assad could use it without violating the agreement.

The U.S. Helped Create South Sudan. Can Washington Save It From Civil War?

What should (and can) the US do about the ever worsening situation in South Sudan?

Palestine Poised to Join UN Bodies

And it’s now up to US legislation to change its mind about Palestine, or else these UN bodies could stop functioning properly.

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