Sunday Smack

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful sunshiny weekend!

The past week was full of international commemorative days as you might have noticed, although I did not even mark all of them. Now, check out a bunch of other news of the week…

Russia Builds Case for Military Intervention in Ukraine

All signs seem to point this way. Question is: what the international coummunity’s response will be? We have witnessed how sanctions don’t touch Russia at all.

Will A Massacre in South Sudan Actually Change Anything?

Mark Leon Goldberg suggests Washington needs to pay attention to South Sudan already, before things get much much worse.

Chemical Weapons Progress in Syria Clouded by New Allegations

Allegations that the Assad regime is still carrying out chemical attacks against their own people, while on the surface abiding by the fall 2013 agreement. What would it take for the world to be more upset about this news?

Recognition of States in International Law: For Sale

I have to admit I have missed this story altogether, so it was news for me. Taiwan bribed the Guatemalan president, so that Guatemala would recognise Taiwan as a state. I don’t even know what to add here…

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