Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, People!

With two days off of work I got my fine dose of sunshine and gardens this weekend, so I’ll be good with it, for a while at least.

I also had a major computer malfunction in these recent days. Again. This time I really decided this dear to my heart, but more than 8 years old (!!) little thing has to go, and I will have to invest in a new and reliable for long term laptop.

All that and I’ll leave you with what I thought were the must-reads of this week.

Crimea and the Limits of International Law

The situation in Crimea has left many an international lawyer in shock. It seems to transport us back to past times when the superpowers did what they pleased and the others suffered what they must.” Another great international law analysis of this case.

Challenges Ahead in the Crimea

Lawfare’s special edition of The Foreign Policy Essay on the possible outcomes and consequences of Sunday’s illegitimate referendum for Ukraine, Russia and the international community.

What happens after Sunday’s Crimean Vote? Another attempt to see into Putin’s soul

Another good piece on the previous note. What could Russia possibly want and how far will they go to get it?

No Crimean Wars for Turkey

While having its own internal political struggles these days, the Crimean crisis could put Turkey in a rather delicate situation balancing between the West and Russia.

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