Sunday Smack

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And then this happened…

Happy Sunday, people! How is everybody doing this weekend?

Sorry I haven’t updated at all this last week. I am now trying a regular schedule for blogging, so this wouldn’t happen too often.

This past week was not so eventful in world news though, except for the Olimpics of course, which is most definitely a world event. 

These are the posts I have to share with you for now.

CRC Concluding Observation on the Holy See

Well it’s quite obvious what the observations of the UN Committee of the Rights of the Child is about when it comes to the Holy See. What is interesting here is to see international law and church law collide.

Piracy in West Africa: A New Model (Unfortunately)?

There seems to evolve a new model of piracy near the West African coast, even more dangerous than before.

Side note here: have you seen Captain Philips already? If you haven’t, you totally should! The story is all true and real and Tom Hanks is a brilliant actor!

The World’s Most Prominent LGBT Rights Advocate Just Gave a Speech in Sochi.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon traveled to Sochi this week for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olimpics. Addressing the International Olimpic Committe he once again spoke out for LGBT rights.

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