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happy february!

Happy first Sunday of February!

While preparing for the week ahead, here are some great posts for you to check out.

How bad is the situation in Ukraine going to get?

It could get very bad indeed. The real question is what would it take for the protesters to give up this time? It really seems they won’t unless the president steps down.

The Original Sin of the Syria Chemical Deal

With the Geneva talks ending with not much result, it seems the Syrian government is finding its way out of their non-ploriferation obligations as well.

Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel peace prize

Really?! I don’t think this is a good idea…

Bangkok Blues: Violence in My Hometown

Ritika Singh of Lawfare makes it so much easier to understand the root and nature of the Thailand protests in this post.

Serbian Leaders Reunite For First Time at War Crimes Trial

Officially for the first time, that is. But this reunion doesn’t seem to have made any progress in their cases.

Appeal to UNSG Ban on human rights in Cuba

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon traveled to Cuba this week and not everybody was so happy about it.

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