Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

As you might noticed, I was a little stuck with the blog last week. To be honest, I do want to make some changes for some time now. The problem is, I do know what I want to see here, how I want it to be, I am just not quite sure how to get there. Please bare with me while I figure it out, I promise to keep this thing up with good content all the while.

One thing never changes though, and that’s my enthusiasm towards world affairs. Next week is going to be an exciting one if everything goes as planned for the Syria peace talks in Montreux. And there is one more event in Switzerland to look forward to: the World Economic Forum in Davos kicks off on Monday.

But, before all that, let’s take a look back at some stories of last week for a bit.

Sharon didn’t embrace peace, he defeated it

Quite a few blog posts and articles analyzed Ariel Sharon’s legacy these days. Besides the one above, here’s another worth reading on Calling Off the Sainthood of Ariel Sharon.

Iran Nuke Deal Finally Reached – Just in Time for Congress to Kill It

After the talks got stuck last November, now a final agreement is reached. Much of its implementation is up to US legislators.

AIDS Groups Issue Dire Warning Over Nigeria’s Anti-Gay Law

One of this week’s most controversial story was this planned law in Nigeria. It is obviously bad for LGBT people and a huge setback in human rights, but it doesn’t help the fight against HIV/AIDS either.

What You Need to Know About the Protests in Thailand

The global media seemed to neglect this story, at least until recently, but major protests are going on in Thailand for weeks now.

How American is the French President’s Affair?

Well, you know I don’t like gossiping around here, or anywhere, for that matter, but a) The New Yorker is not tabloid, and b) this piece about different cultures is really interesting.

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