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This week was so eventful world affairs news-wise that it was almost hard to pick but a few of my favorite blog posts. I tried my best though.

On world affairs:

A Rare Bit of Good News from Syria Shows What’s Possible When the International Community is United

January 22 will be the next occasion for the Syrian government to prove how cooperative it is.

CAR President: I’m Not Resigning! UPDATE: He Resigned!

Whether this will bring any positive changes for the CAR is unclear. Hopefully it will.

Iraq: on the brink of implosion?

Ever worrysome news coming from Iraq, while the Obama Administration sticks to its decision not to direct troops back to the country they have barely left.

Poland says No to watering down Free Movement

It will turn out eventually whether there is any legal ground to limit free movement by the UK or any member state of the EU.

Entertainment bit of  the week:

The award show season have officially started with this week’s People’s Choice Awards and now it’s Golden Globes night already! I am not going to reveal which movies and TV shows I am rooting for, because that would be a whole other post. 

But, after tonight, it’s only a few more days until Oscar nominees announcement! Who else is excited?

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