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Happy Sunday!


This year is getting weirder and weirder, I guess and one can only hope we will come out of it into an improved and healed world in every way. 

In Hungary official communication suggests we are over the pandemic (COVID-19, there is no communication about the other one, i.e. racism), theaters are opening, beaches are crowded, people are out and about like nothing happened, while there are still several new cases every day. I can’t really decide whether I am overly precautious for not wanting to mingle with people for a while or they are irresponsible for doing so. Only time will tell.

How has your week been?

A Brief History of the UN Charter

The UN Charter turned 75 this week, listen to this reat podcast episode to learn about the history around the creation of the United Nations. By the way, have you participated in the UN’s public consultation survey, yet? Click here to find the survey and other ways to take part in marking the UN’s 75th year.

COVID-19 and the WHO’s Political Moment

Here we go again, about the role of the WHO. Is it effective enough to handle such a crisis and if it is not, do its member states have the political will to change it?

Good crisis, bad crisis — European leaders rated

There were notable differences in how European leaders initially reacted to the looming health and economic crisis – Politico now rated their performance.

What Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Mean for Climate Change?

In world affairs, everything is intertwined and nothing can be handled independently from all the other problems of the world.

The right to enter his or her own country

Here’s another topic that we’ve never imagined we’d be talking about in such contexts as we do these times.

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