June 2020 in quotes

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Has the Bible ever been used in a more disingenuous and exploitative way?

2. #blackouttuesday


I want to speak directly to the young men and women of color in this country who have witnessed too much violence and too much death…

I want you to know that you matter. I want you to know that your lives matter. That your dreams matter.


But mourning about Trianon can no longer be the focus of Hungarian politics, because, apart from the fact it leads nowhere, it paralyses, makes it incapable of action; it also consumes the moral and political power of the homeland.


I stand in this uniform, and I understand what my obligation is to this uniform, but I can’t compromise my humanity.


Whatever happens, on June 6th in Normandy, we can’t forget.


We have a Constitution. We have to follow that Constitution. And the president’s drifted away from it.


As we work to end the pandemic and build back better, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity – and responsibility –

to correct our relationship with the natural world, including the world’s seas and oceans.


God took the rejected stone and made him the cornerstone of a movement that’s going to change the whole wide world.

10. “The coronavirus pandemic is a global affair and we can only beat it through a global solution.

11. “We hope that one day, governments who build barriers to disconnect their people from the world and each other will recognise that they are acting against their own interests, as well as the rights of their citizens and all humanity.


At the end of this year we will control our own laws and borders which is why we are able to take the sovereign decision to introduce arrangements in a way that gives businesses impacted by coronavirus time to adjust.


A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.

14. “Happy #ObamaAppreciationDay!

15.  “No one should lose their job because of who they are and who they love.


International cooperation is the glue that binds everybody together. Nationalism and protectionism are simply not viable alternatives to co-operation and partnership.


Canada is large enough to make a difference, but we know we can’t do it alone. As we move forward, we remain committed to the goals and principles that we laid out during this campaign, and we will continue to play a vital role in advancing global cooperation and building a more peaceful, inclusive, and sustainable world.


Do you get the impression that the Supreme Court doesn’t like me?

19. “This Juneteenth, let’s all pledge to keep using our voices – and our votes – to keep that story marching forward for our children, and theirs.

20. “I think I sold that same place out in five minutes.

21. “

Yoga is a transformative force that can provide us with the strength and vision we need for more just societies.

22. “

We need to get on with work, not look for successors.

23. “Pubs can reopen from July 4 providing they are “COVID-secure. (…) But nightclubs, indoor gyms and beauty salons must remain closed for now.

24. ”African-Americans have suffered disproportionately from coronavirus disease. They’ve suffered in that their rate of infection is higher because of the nature of the economic status that many of them find themselves in where they’re outside working, being unable to physically separate.

25. ”EU and US distilled spirits companies have suffered enough as a result of this trade war. The longer these disputes go unresolved, the greater the threat of even more tariffs on our industry.


The Charter’s vision stands the test of time and its values will continue to carry us forward. It remains our touchstone for a world mired in a pandemic, torn by discrimination, endangered by climate change and scarred by poverty, inequality and war.


The European Union has an internal process to determine from which countries it would be safe to accept travellers.


I am directing my words to all those who want change.


Intel just reported to me that they did not find this info credible, and therefore did not report it to me or @VP.


If they can do it, and all of Facebook’s advertisers are asking them to do it, it doesn’t seem that hard to do.

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