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Happy Sunday everybody!

Just when you think this year couldn’t get any weirder, there comes the next thing. It’s hard to imagine where can we go from here…

In addition to this week’s selection I hope you’ll check out my post on, I wrote about some important stuff there. Happy reading!

The July 1st march: Another endangered democratic landmark for Hong Kong

This issue is getting way less coverage in world news than the graveness of it would deserve. You can support the campaign to support democracy and freedom in Hong Kong at

The COVID-19 tracking apps ecosystem unraveled: critical issues for global health- and the rule of law

I know this is mostly about the principal rather than any specific situation, but am I the only who wouldn’t care if the government knew where I went during a time when I barely ever leave my home anyway? I never checked out any of these apps (I heard we have one in Hungary), but I would welcome a technology that could show me where the infected people moved (could I have come to contact with any of them). Is it bad of me?

Editorial: The Legality of the Israeli Annexation – Redux

There were times when the international community got so close to bring peace to the Middle East, but these days it feels like we’ve never been further from it.

The ICC Appeals Chamber Signals a Possible Change in Approach to the Permissibility of Trials in Absentia

It is not a strong enough signal though, although preventing the mere letters of the law from impeding the Court’s job is an appreciable aim.

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