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I kept watching these Spanish news channels for language learning purposes even before things got interesting. The one thing I can thank the Catalan government now is for contributing to my education like that. But jokes aside, I keep wondering about the right to self-determination in this context, as to what about the rights of those Catalans who do not wish to switch nationalities and most probably loose their EU citizenship? Secession is indeed a very delicate issue with a bunch of questions which even the most seasoned constitutionalists only guessing the answers to. Check out this week’s reading with two great ones on this topic.

Catalonia: The Way Forward is Comparative Constitutional Rather than International Legal Argument and 

A Footnote on Secession

Both were written earlier this week, but make it a bit easier to understand and put in the right place what happened on Friday. I recommend both.

By 2030, the number of 15-to-24-year-olds will increase by 100 million – where will they find work?

Climate change is real, and it is going to cause problems in many different areas of life. Can we make all these areas sustainable very soon, like now?

Post-War Justice in Syria—Considering Universal and Domestic Options

Again, this sounds great in theory (actually it doesn’t, it’s about obstacles before an ICC investigation…), but when will there be post-war already?

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