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Another week went by and I cannot believe how close we are to the end of this year already.

Once again I had to find that bad things happening to me somehow raise my creativity. And being fired from your job is indeed a bad thing. There are also a number of reasons why I should be grateful and happy about this, starting with the fact that working there was a bad decision for me in the first place, but being fired still sucks.

Anyway, I have a lot of new plans and ideas and I am ahead of what needs to be a very productive week with lots of work to be done. I am very excited about the outcome of all this! I will be sharing more here soon.

Meanwhile here are a few great reads you might want to add to your Sunday reading:

On world affairs:

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon emphasizes the right of freedom of assembly in Egypt

Egypt’s three months state of emergency is about to expire soon, will the acting government allow new pro-Morsi protests?

Philippine Delegate to Climate Conference Declares Hunger Strike

On a major climate change event in Warsaw this week, the Philippine delagate really tried hard to gain momentum to start actually fighting climate change that might have caused the unsurmountable devastation in his country.

The Central African Republic’s Death Spiral

Things look ever more rueful in the CAR.

On the legal side:

A Global Human Right to Privacy?

Still on the NSA issue, is it possible to talk about the right to privacy globally? Is there such a right that every government should respect even in their survaillance activities? I personally think we are well over that age when this would have been possible.

Entertainment bit of the week:

Not all entertainment, really. Only in part maybe.

I just loved how people around the world responded to this, including President Obama in a short but meaningful video message, Kid President in a thank you note on Youtube, and celebrities through all social media.

Click to visit the official site of Make-A-Wish Foundation to learn more about the wonderful job they are doing with all these kids like Miles.

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