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I cannot believe another week has already passed. Fortunately this next one is going to be a short one in Hungary with a public holiday on Wednesday. I could enjoy every week being like this: two days work, then one day rest, then two days work again. 🙂

OK, I am only saying this because I hate my job. And I am ever closer to finally do something about it.

Until then, here’s where I can deal with things I am really interested in. Hope you’ll enjoy!

On world affairs:

An Unfree and Unfair Election in Azerbaijan

If all these things really happened around this election it is really a wonder how little we have heard about it. Where was the media through all this?

Charles Taylor Goes to Jail in Britain: The Backstory

Interesting backstory from the US’ perspective, praising the Bush administration for making this happen.

UN hide carve of naked man ahead of Iran nuclear talks, “kowtowing to fundamentalist regime”

I cannot really decide whether it is really “kowtowing” or just sensible consideration, but I sort of agree that the UN should not give ground to such nuisances.

On the legal side:

On the ‘Defense’ of the ICC

After the AU states threatened to break ties with the International Criminal Court, this is a great piece on the working mechanism and importance of international criminal justice.

Surprise of the week:

Full Text: Saudi Statement Rejecting UN Security Council Seat

I still don’t understand how the Saudi government could think they would gain anything from this decision. I don’t know why they applied in the first place since all the reasons they list in the statement have existed all the while. Mark Leon Goldberg here lists just a few reasons why he also thinks it was a bad move. Most people of course have thought that Saudi Arabia should not have been considered to be member of the Security Council ever. Hillel Neuer of UN Watch thinks the Saudis dropping out is a victory for human rights, and even urges the Saudi government to drop out of the race for a Human Rights Council seat next month.

Entertainment bit of the week:

One of the most famous MC songs just turned 20 this weekend. Twenty. Hero was one of those songs that made me a Mariah fan back then and this just makes me feel so old… 🙂

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