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June is my favorite month of the year! With the longest daylight hours, the hot weather (which I hope will arrive in Hungary soon), all the great outdoor events – concerts and festivals, and so on. Reading outdoors until like 9 p.m. on long June nights used to be my favorite thing in the world!

I have great expectations for this month and also some good ideas and plans for this blog that I hope you’ll like!

Until then, here’s what I have today:

On world affairs:

Guéhenno: lifting European arms embargo on Syrian rebels ‘backfired’

Yes, the decision did not come easy and continues to spark debates. Austria threatens to withdraw its peacekeepers from the Golan Heights if Britain and France arm the Syrian rebels, meanwhile Russia uses the decision to reason its arming the Assad regime.

UN Human Rights Council debates draft resolution on Syria

The Human Rights Council held an emergency session on Syria on Wednesday, with no noteworthy result in my opinion.

MI5 and Homegrown Radicalism

I find this particularly interesting since it seems like a current phenomenon – people who are internally radicalised, even under the authorities’ radar commiting such acts. Is there a lesson to learn here?

On the legal side:

The 8 Stages of Genocide Against Burma’s Rohingya

According to the definitions of the UN Genocide Convention there is no doubt we should call it genocide. The only question is whether there will be any consequences.

ICC underlines impartiality, reiterates commitment to cooperation with the African Union

The African Union last week on its 50th anniversary summit raised concerns that the ICC is anti-African and doing no more than convicting one African leader after another. Even leaving the ICC altogether was on the table. Here’s what the ICC had to say.

UN court jails former Bosnian Croat leader for 25 years

The UN’s International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia made some interesting decisions this week convicting some, acquitting others in the case of the former Yugoslavia.

For the laughs:

Syrian Rebels Urge McCain to Get Over Losing to Obama

OK, this is funny, but it hits the right note as many of us were wondering what on earth is he campaigning for at this point?

Best idea of the week (or ever):

Political Idol

Political talent shows in the Middle East. A few weeks ago I posted about music talent shows in the region, now this. What first came to my mind after reading this was ‘hey, we should elect our leaders this way’! Democracy is guaranteed by the public voting and we could check out their skills and abilities before we trust them with the leading of our country. What do you all say? 🙂

Anniversary of the week (or today exactly):


The coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II took place exactly 60 years ago today in the Westminster Abbey in London. Make sure to follow Westminster Abbey and The British Monarchy on Twitter, as they are live tweeting today the events as they happened 60 years ago.

And have a nice Sunday!

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