Think. Eat. Save. – June 5 is World Environment Day!

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This year’s theme of World Environment Day is an issue very close to my heart.

I was brought up with a very serious view on food waste. My grandmother always made us think about food almost as sacred. She used to remind us that there may come a time with a lack of food to eat, so we should remember this every time we are about to throw out something. And that I did. In fact to this day I feel bad every time I have to throw out even just a small piece of bread.

Many times I am stunned though, when I realize how many people don’t consider throwing out food a waste. And how much food we as a society actually do waste!

So the message is important! Think about those who are in need and do your best to reduce food waste!

Today, on World Environment Day and every day from now on!

Click here to visit UNEP’s homepage to learn more.

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