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I hope you are having a smooth, relaxing weekend!


We keep saying that these things can happen now anywhere, anytime, but if there was ever a place where I couldn’t imagine such a terrible event happening, it would have been Las Vegas. There are times when I am glad to be living in a country where people can’t just walk around with guns. I know that doesn’t mean I am safe, just saying. How many more people will have to die for pro-gun Americans to realize that something needs to be done?

Anyway, keep safe, everybody, wherever you are! Although, I admit, I have no idea how one’s supposed to do that anymore…

Catalan Independence Referendum and the Kosovo “Precedent”

I was so looking forward to a post like this, about the legal questions of secession in an international context.

North Korean Arms Entering Egypt: The System at Work

I am not sure if this post convinced me that the sanctions regime really does work, but it’s a good read nonetheless.

Why Did the US Vote Against a UN Resolution Condemning the Execution of Gay People?

In certain issues it seems like every step forward is followed by two steps back. LGBT rights is such an issue on the UN agenda.

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