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Happy Sunday, everybody!


I hope your week was better, than mine! I had this quite serious cold sticking through most of it making it quite hard for me to function normally. Which I still needed to do. This weekend I am attending a two day learning training which I am excited about, even though I am still not well enough, and despite this means I will not have any weekend or time to rest at all. Oh well, maybe next week…

What I am really sad about, though, is the end of summer, which I feel has just passed me by once again. Maybe it’s this illness (I’ll blame everything on it for now), which initially stole me of enjoying the last days of my vacation and now the last really hot days of summer too, but I just don’t feel like I made the best of this summer. I will need to remind myself of being mindful about doing everything (perhaps making a list, even) that I feel would add to the quality of my summer/fall/Christmas/vacation, etc, and just stick to it no matter what. Otherwise life goes by, without asking whether you’re ready yet.

Also note: the picture is just an illustration I choose for this week, I haven’t witnessed the eclipse first hand. I guess a ridiculously tiny portion of the sun was covered this side of the pond, and even that was during sunset, so it was basically unnoticable. Can’t wait for 2024 though to see something as beautiful as this.

Here’s some serious reading.

Why Are We Losing in Afghanistan?

Why are the US loosing Afghanistan, indeed? And it is not just the US, there is a 20000+ person strong international military presence there. The US now decided to hang on for a while, but perhaps the whole structure needs to be thought through.

Map of the Day: Freakish Weather Events Linked to Climate Change

We were experiencing extreme heat wave after extreme heat wave this summer in Hungary as well, which makes one think what’s next? And for how long can  this keep going on?

The Defense of ‘Obedience to Superior Orders’ in the Age of Legal Clearance of Military Operations

And there is always some exciting case analysis to keep our minds working.

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