Sunday Smack

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Happy weekend, everybody!


I hope this finds you well.

I had a nice mini vacation at the countryside this week, where I spent most of my time out in the sun reading a book or just listening to the sounds of nature. Unfortunately it resulted in a terrible cold/allergy, but the good part was worth it!

This time I feel like I have written all I could about such pointless, terrible attacks and find it hard to add anything meaningful at this point. I am sad it just keeps happening… ¡Enviando buenos pensamientos y abrazos cálidos a todos los afectados! ¡Mantente fuerte, Barcelona!

What the Heck Is Guam? A Guide for the Perplexed

Guam is where you wished to spend your vacation sometime until very recently. This is a great post. Here’s another good one about the whole North Korea matter, or mostly about where China stands.

This is How a Mudslide Can Kill So Many People in Sierra Leone

And this is how natural disasters make people leave their homes, too, and they are the lucky ones for surviving.

Reopening Proceedings for Reparations and Abuse of Process at the International Court of Justice

The famous Nicaragua case might end up at court once again.

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