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Happy Sunday, everybody!


I hope you are all safe and well!

When I complained about being short of news, I didn’t exactly wish for anything close to this. One of my politics professors used to say that the greatest guarantee we have against a third world war is the nuclear bomb itself. Because all parties are very well aware that once it’s out, all hells will break loose. I do hope he was right.

Also, I will repeat that any policy that encourages people to hate others for what they are or where they are coming from is wrong. And dangerous. Isn’t there enough evidence to that already? Far too many stories like Charlottesville…

Let’s check out this week’s posts.

Trump’s Statement About North Korea is How Countries Stumble Into War, Alone

What was he thinking or was he thinking at all? We all knew the man with his (un)diplomatic skills could break a war singlehandedly, but I was still hoping there are some smarter people around him more.

The International Law of Anticipatory Self-Defense and U.S. Options in North Korea

I am afraid that once it happens, its legal classifications will be the least of our concerns. But here’s a thorough analysis.

Charlie Gard: An Ethical Analysis of a Legal non-Problem

Besides being a very sad and painful story, it may also be a precedential decision of the European Court of Human Rights, worth analysing.

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