Sunday Smack

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Happy weekend!


I hope this finds you well. We are about to see the end of yet another extreme heat wave that affected several parts of Europe, and science says in the years to come, it will only get worse (while others still say climate change is myth). 

My Feedly feed was unusually easy to keep clean this week, my favorite bloggers must be on holiday. And there is not much to write about in terms of world affairs too, which I guess, in a certain perspective is good.

Souring Relations Between the United States and Russia May Impact North Korea Diplomacy

A new cold war could impact so much more than North Korea diplomacy, indeed.

Why is Donald Trump still so horribly witless about the world?

And how a dumb and ignorant US president could impact world politics is a whole different story.

The Relationship of the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons with other Agreements: Ambiguity, Complementarity, or Conflict?

A little treaty interpretation to end this post. Hopefully, the theoretical one is the only nature we will ever have to talk about these provisions.

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