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Happy Sunday!


FINA World Championships are coming to a close today in Budapest, and I was able to witness some great moments there. Check out my Instagram for pics of the swimming competitions and waterpolo matches I attended. The cost of building and organizing the whole thing might have been high, I doubt it compares to what Hungary gained on it, but all I can say is nothing compares to the vibe of cheering your team on a world event, just ten minutes walk from your home (the serious sunburn nice tan I developed during a midday openair waterpolo match is also incomparable). Also, I’ll tell you, high divers in uptown Budapest (pictured) is not an everyday sight! 

On a different note, have you listened to this week’s The West Wing Weekly podcast episode yet? If you haven’t, go do it now! Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called in to chat about The West Wing. How cool is that? They recorded it last weekend, when he was in Halifax to attend the Halifax Pride Festival too. I happened to listen to it right after those not at all cool tweets from POTUS, which made the comparison hurtful as ever (mind you, I am not even American). Can’t we just all move to Canada??

Now, on to this week’s business.

VIDEO: A BBC Journalist Snuck Into Yemen To Report on the Worst Humanitarian Crisis

The extreme famine in Yemen must be the most underreported humanitarian crisis of our days, not by accident. The world needs to see more reports like this.

The Islamic State’s Long-Term Threat to the Middle East

Yet another perspective showing the same picture, that the Islamic State might seem weakened and dismembered, but it will be hard to defeat.

Why the ICC won’t get it right – The Legal Nature of UN Security Council Referrals and Al-Bashir Immunities

This is an ongoing case now for years, with ambiguous classifications that are unable to induce action.

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