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Happy Sunday!


It is summer in full swing with another heatwave in Hungary. Today is also the day of a New Moon, which they say is a great occasion to start carrying out plans. I would argue that any day is a great day for that, but since here we are today, let’s review our yearly plans and make sure everything is in order. I sure have a lot to think about on that front.

Anyway, my favorite bloggers must be on vacation, because there was significantly less posts this week to choose from. Here’s some for you to read, though, I hope you are all having a great summer!

The Tangled Politics of Search and Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean

Years have passed since the crisis became serious and there is still no satisfactory solution.

Brexit and fisheries access – Some reflections on the UK’s denunciation of the 1964 London Fisheries Convention

I have a sense that the UK is going to be a frequent party at the ICJ after Brexit goes through.

Unearthing the value of sustainable agriculture

What a huge difference could it make if more and more multi-national companies would consider it their duty to stand behind such causes.

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