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Happy Sunday, Everybody!


This was an eventful week in a lot of ways. The reason I chose this photo to define it is in part because I am such an admirer of traditional protocol, of which there is no greater source today than royal events as such. The other reason is a personal one, during the summer I started to up my Spanish skills with an intensive training, and I was so proud of myself listening to and understanding most of King Felipe’s state banquet speech! And also the gowns and tiaras, but that’s like an obvious reason, not to mention my undying love for British history and culture. Speaking of which, this weekend I also finally got around to binge The Crown, and wow, those Emmy nominations are well deserved!

Anyway, there were a lot of great posts to choose from this week, I hope you’ll check out my selection.

Court of Justice of the European Union takes on Muslim headscarf employment discrimination cases

It is no secret that I do not agree with most of these decisions, here is a new addition from this week from the ECHR. I just don’t see why we can’t accept their traditions, as they accept ours, and we live happily together. Would this really be that difficult?

Every day 41,000 girls are married under the age of 18. A new World Bank report shows the economic impact of this problem

If the serious breaches of human rights of those children doesn’t affect the world, let’s try the economic consequences (cynicism is intentional here).

Assessing the South China Sea Arbitral Award after One Year: Why China Won and the U.S. is Losing

A year ago every living  and breathing international law scholar was talking about this decision. Now it is a cautionary tale of how international law works only if the actors behind it do.

The NotPetya Cyber Operation as a Case Study of International Law

An interesting case study, but I still can’t see how to accuse or charge them with anything until we don’t know who they are.

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