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Happy Sunday!


How about that Emmanuelle Macron moment at the family photo? Apparently they thought they could make him stand in the back row and they were wrong. I bet all the others were thinking “huh, who knew you could do that?”. The G20 had more memorable moments of course, as this BBC collection shows, poor Chancellor Merkel must have had a hard time handling all these difficult men (wouldn’t it be much simpler if women ruled the world?). LOL at her eye-rolling at Putin.

I hope your summer is going well so far, here’s some reading for today.

Can this Woman Bring Justice to Syria?

Finally, something significant happened at the IIIM showing that the UN is serious about bringing justice to Syria.

Don’t Ignore Ukraine: Lessons From the Borderland of the Internet

As someone not half a world, just a border away from Ukraine, I could not agree more.

Port State Jurisdiction Beyond Oceans Governance: The Closure of Ports to Qatar in the 2017 ‘Gulf Crisis’

This issue – as every other of such kind – has so many aspects to cosider.

Health is real wealth

It is. If you don’t have time for the whole article, just read the last paragraph for something to think about.

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