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Happy July, everybody! And happy long weekend for those who are enjoying one now.


Aren’t these cyberattacks more and more worrying? Sometimes it feels like some hackers could really do anything if they wanted to. I mean at the level that everything is computerized now, they could literally stop the world if that was what they wanted.

World affairs are not on holiday yet, many things happened this past week. Great posts of great bloggers are a plenty on each topic, I provide you with only a handful to check out.

The Supreme Court Just Blocked Vetted Refugees from Starting a New Life in the United States

News of the week of course, that the US Supreme Court partially stayed the President’s executive order banning all refugees from coming to the US. How it will affect global numbers of refugees remains to be seen.

The Qatari Crisis and the Fight Against ISIS

The question is what the real intentions of the GCC states are with these messages, among which the latest is imposing sanctions on Qatar. Is it really fighting ISIS or something else?

Will Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Abdicate?

Not to say that the Kingdom wouldn’t benefit from reform, but another inner conflict is the last thing the region needs these days. 


This might be just what the world needs right now! If politicians decide to play dumb (you know whom I am pointing at), let’s raise our children to be wiser! I will definitely forward this to some teachers I know in Hungary.

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