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Happy Sunday!

This week was incredibly heat-wave-y in most of Europe that may or may not be a result of climate change. I am fully aware that I wrote the same about extreme cold a few months before, these are just the times we’re living. I admit I like this weather, but many countries in Europe are just not used to this kind of heat, not to talk about the  health implications of extreme temperatures. I hope you are all safe.

Let’s do a little Sunday reading.

Is ISIS conceding defeat?

And even if it would be, would this be the end of its holy war? I don’t think so.

Don’t Forget Non-Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Or don’t forget refugees at all as they are still high in number, and their reasons to flee their homes don’t seem to cease.

Refugees who have fled the carnage in Afghanistan are being deported in record numbers

The second highest number of refugees around the world comes from Afghanistan, and yet the world considers Afghanistan a safe country to return them to.

Revising the Treaty of Guarantee for a Cyprus Settlement

Perhaps Europe’s longest lasting territorial dispute, and the new treaty is still not about ending it.

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