Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday and Happy Spring Everybody!


One failed exam later I am determined to return to the blog and to life and find a different approach for taking this exam. One that doesn’t involve neglecting everything else that matters to me or matters even more than taking an exam I wouldn’t even need later on. I might even write a post about it one of these days.

But for now, let’s see this week’s stories. Excuse the hastiness of this post, I had very little time this week.

Unconstitutional and Invalid: South Africa’s Withdrawal from the ICC Barred (For Now)

Great overview of the South African High Court’s decision.

This is Trump’s First Big Test at the UN

The first Syria related vote since the inauguration of the Trump administration is going to take place in the UN Security Council next week.

International Law in the Age of Trump

And one more analytical piece about the times we live in.

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