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Happy Fall, everybody! Summer is undeniably over now. As much as I love the summer weather, there are a lot of things to be excited about during autumn too. And I said autumn, let’s not jump ahead, believe it or not, yesterday I heard Christmas music playing in a drugstore! Isn’t it way too early for that?!

Anyway, I  hope you are having a great time with your choices of fall activities, and cut out some time to do our weekly reading too.

Colombia’s Brexit Vote

Very interesting, particularly comparing this vote to some others. I shall add that I am personally very happy that this decision of the Colombian people did not change the opinion of the Nobel Peace Committee that President Santos clearly deserves praise for his efforts in bringing peace to his country.

The Next UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres “Speaks Truth To Power.” (So how is it that the most powerful countries in the world selected him?)

The announcement was quite unexpectedly made this week, as after the latest straw poll of the Security Council, Antonio Guterres emerged as the “clear favourite”, and was named the successor of Ban Ki-moon. I am – as many – optimistically looking forward to his leadership.

On the Paris Agreement’s imminent entry into force

Clearly, this was a week of joyful news in world affairs (well, not exclusively, but compared to other weeks, I will risk stating…). Now, a lot of procedural questions are left to be worked out, but this is great for a start. Here I need to add – as this post is too short for everything – that I hope everybody is as safe as possible from any kinds of weather events these days! (And if you don’t see the connection, where have you been lately?)

UK to Derogate from the ECHR in Armed Conflict

It is more like a domestic issue of the UK, at least the way the article is constructed, but it is still interesting on more than one levels.

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