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Happy Sunday, everybody!


Today, there is a referendum held in Hungary, where Hungarians are asked to answer with yes or no to the following question. “Do you want the European Union to be able to mandate the obligatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens into Hungary without the approval of Parliament?” Well,first of all, the EU can do that now, whether citizens of member states want it or not, simply based on the EU Treaty. So a “No” answer doesn’t make any sense. A “Yes” answer doesn’t make sense either, no-one really “wants” this, not even the EU, although the quotas are off the table for now, when they were on the table, it was out of necessity to solve a crisis. And the crisis needs to be solved. This is the standpoint I have represented throughout, here in my writings, and this is the standpoint I represent during this referendum. I simply refuse to take part in this non-sense opinion poll that the government spent unimaginable amounts of public money on, that can have no political or legal consequence at all.

I don’t want my government to be able to say that the Hungarian people refuses to help people afflicted by tragedies, seeking a better life. Whatever the government’s actions based on this referendum might be, I know I am and most of the Hungarians I know are tolerant and open people and we want our government to represent this sentiment in the European Union and elsewhere.

That is all for now, but there might be a longer post about this later.

Now on to today’s reading.

Thinking Beyond the Defeat of the Islamic State

Great analysis of the political, military and strategic nature of the fight against the Islamic State.

Could this late entrant into the race to replace Ban Ki Moon to become the next UN Secretary General?

I always thought this process that anyone can join the race until the very last minute, say, unfortunate. The next straw poll will be held next week, for the first time distinguishing between the votes of veto-wielding members and those of the rest of the Security Council. Then we’ll know a lot more.

In memory of Shimon Peres, hope builder

Hope builder is a nice term to be remembered by. Elsewhere, I read, eternal optimist. Either way, he played an enormously significant role in the history of the Middle East. May he rest in peace.

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