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Happy Sunday!


Although school has already started on the 1st, it was still very much summer at work this past week. Only at work, though, I am not exactly back to school this time, but started a new online course on edX, plus four other short trainings and challenges, all happening these first two weeks of September. There might be a post about all of them soon.

Now, about this week’s reading.

How the UN is Shoring Up the Historic Peace Deal in Colombia

Colombia gets a lot of support to make this peace a reality. Let’s hope it will prove to be enough.

The ICC’s Al Mahdi case is (also) a political trial, and that’s fine!

The same trial that was celebrated last week as the first of its kind, is now accused of being politicized. The ICC is indeed quite usually the subject of such accusations.

How Long Will the ICC Deliberate on Palestine?

Speaking of the ICC, here is a case sitting on the table there for quite a long time now. Could there be politics involved here, too?

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