Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everybody!

This is the last Sunday Smack of this August and this summer, actually. In terms of the calendar, at least, I hope the weather stays warm for a while.


I have spent this last weekend (made it a long weekend, actually) at home in Nagykálló with some well needed rest. September is going to be all work, no stops for me. As always, at this time of the year, I am half sad – for my favorite season to end, half excited – for things to get twirling again. And twirling, they are, this year. I have so much plans for the coming weeks I am already exhausted just to think about them.

September always held the same sense of starting over for me as January. Perhaps even more so.

And also, I don’t know much about New York in the fall, but this season does make me want to buy school supplies too (well, there is no such time when I am not ready to buy some new stationary, anyway). Clue: You’ve got mail


Now, on to some more serious topics…

There’s New Evidence of Chemical Weapons in Syria, Now a Showdown is Looming at the Security Council

There is going to be a Security Council meeting next week to decide how the international community might respond.

An historic first for the International Criminal Court

The main perpetrator of the cultural destruction in Timbuktu in 2012 plead guilty thus making his trial much cheaper and simpler.

How to Deal With the Risk of Rape and Sexual Assault When Doing Fieldwork?

This is one important question as humanitarian workers should be protected from the harms of war rather than exposed as targets.

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