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Happy Sunday Everybody!

I hope you are all savouring your last weeks of summer this time around (unless you live somewhere where it is summer all year round in which case I envy you, or somewhere where it is not summer these months in which case let me know when it is summer already, then I want to go there). This week it was really down-season around the office for me, but at least coming back from vacation did not hurt that much. August 20 is also a National Day in Hungary, so when I am writing this (scheduled post alert) I am preparing for a nice friends get-together and fireworks watching on Saturday night. 

On the Desolate Syrian Border with Jordan 100,000 People Stranded for Months

Great post by a humanitarian worker of MSF, and I suggest you read it along with UN Dispatch’s World Humanitarian Day post to get a stronger sense of what these people are risking in order to help: 

World Humanitarian Day: The Plight of Aid Workers

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Why Step One in Brexit is Getting Delayed

This might be one of the best ones I read on the topic and I have read a lot! And this is only the first part of a series explaining the procedure in great detail, introducing a new word I like a lot: “Brexecution”.

Turkey’s Derogation from Human Rights Treaties – An Update

The number and nature of the articles Turkey “may” derogate from could be a great cause for concern.

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