Sunday Smack

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Hello, everyone!

Another week with unspeakable tragedies in the world, I hope everyone is doing fine!


In the coming weeks I am experimenting with some new ideas around here on the blog, which will slightly shake up these Sunday round-ups too. I hope you like a little variety.

So this week, I seem to have finalized the schedule of my vacation week. Two weeks to go, it is going to be short, but I will make sure it’s going to be great. Speaking of greatness, have you watched the First Lady’s episode of Carpool Karaoke on the Late Late Show with James Corden? I mean seriously, isn’t Michelle Obama the coolest FLOTUS ever?! And speaking of the First Lady, how about Melania Trump’s plagiarism and that lamer than lame excuse of the poor woman who we are all sure had nothing to do with this whole nonsense? I wonder how they decided that she was going to be the one thrown under the bus at last… Not cool, at all.

Now, on to some reading for you all…

Turks, Arabs, and Leadership

Turkey and Syria in comparison. Both situations are hard to consume from a Western perspective and both have their morals to learn from.

Environmental Aspects of the South China Sea Award

This long and detailed decision provides enough topics to talk about for weeks. Protection of the environment is one of the most importants among them.

The SDGs are not yet a year old and already they are making a difference

Some good news after all the tragedies. We could surely do this in other policy areas, couldn’t we?

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