Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, people!

After a busy early summer week, here’s some reading for you all…

In Mali, peacekeepers have become the target of an insurgency. This is unprecedented

The deadliest UN peacekeeping mission so far provides (urges, actually)  the opportunity to rethink the concept of peacekeeping. 

Should the U.S. Military Receive the Benefit of the Doubt When Investigating Itself for Alleged War Crimes?

Perhaps they should. But it is still annoying that that is exactly what the international community set up the whole system of international jurisdiction for all those years ago, and they still cannot make themselves to comply with it.

Whose Security is it Anyway? Towards a Treaty Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

In my view, the right approach starts with recognizing that nuclear weapons do exist, we cannot dis-invent them. So, I don’t think that “complete elimintation” is a realistic goal. That’s not saying that all these treaties are useless, just the opposite. We just have to be clear about the goals.

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