Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday and greetings from rainy London!

At least they predict it to be rainy during this weekend, but at the time I am writing this (scheduled post alert) I am still hoping they are wrong! Anyway, we are going to attend, uhm… we have attended The Queen’s Birthday Parade on Saturday, and then spend a pleasant weekend strolling around in my favorite city ever. Come rain or come shine.

So here’s what I’ve been reading while preparing for the trip…

To Really Improve the Lives of Syrian Refugees, Turkey and the World Must Cooperate Better

Turkey will unchangeably  remain a key player in the refugee question, and must be involved in any plan for a solution.

No group illustrates the potential impact of long term refugee status like Palestinians

Long term meaning very long term. Like 66 years long. This one is about all the necessities that should be taken care of in order to provide at least a sustainable lifestyle for those in this situation.

Diplomatic Fallout from the UN’s Children in Armed Conflict Report

Who said diplomacy was easy? Many times it is hard choices and difficult decisions. Even unjust decisions serving some on the expense of others.

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