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Happy Sunday!

The world of politics and world affairs were full of unhappy news this past week. Here’s some of the best reads from my favorite blogs…

Just Six Years Ago at the UN, These Five Countries Refused to Even Mention Violence Against LGBT Communities. They Have Evolved.

This one’s about the UN Security Council’s statement to condemn the Orlando massacre, and I am not sure I would also draw long term consequences from it.

Wolves and Wolf Packs

And still on the sideline of Orlando, a few wise words about the organization of perpetrators of such hienous acts.

Belgium’s Article 51 Letter to the Security Council

And the ambiguity of the legal language of letters of this nature is worth a post.

Iran Sues the U.S. in the ICJ – Preliminary Thoughts 

It is yet to be seen whether the ICJ will accept the case, but either way, it is an interesting and complex one.

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