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Blabbing Olympics diplomacy

The Bejing 2022 Winter Olympic Games just concluded. While the games have their own rules and traditions, it’s always been inevitable for international politics to play a role. The International Olympic Committee currently recognises 206 National Olympic Committees, meaning 206 nations joined the olympic movement. Since the exact number of the states of the world depends on different variables (what definition of a state we accept, states not recognised by every other state, etc.) and sports are still the one thing that brings together most of them regardless of politics, this is the closest number we know. Note that the…

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I think this can be said to the media worldwide. Let’s forget about reality show stars and other self-appointed celebs and focus on real people with real achievements.  just-me-amanda: Have to agree.

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oliviergiroudd: Best Pictures from The Olympics Previews

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