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Remembering Madeleine Albright through her books

I was saddened by the news of the death of the first woman who served as Secretary of State of the United States whom as a foreign diplomacy enthusiast, I considered one of my idols. Ever since I read her first book and became familiar with her work and her personality, I was always looking forward to learning her take on whatever happened in the world. The last time she shared her thoughts was about the war in Ukraine, published one day before it started, and about a month before she passed away. Though I have never met her in…

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Look, I have a new logo!

It’s been ready for a few weeks now, I just didn’t quite have  the time to change it yet.  I am planning a few more changes on the page, and most of all, I am planning to post more regularly. I also have a few interesting topic ideas and some new ways to engage more of you guys in the conversation. Look out for more new things in a few weeks time! For now, thanks for NickyGraphics for the great job they have done, it was a pleasure working together! And also thanks for everyone who helped me pick the…

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