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Hello, Everybody!


What a week! After some of the most disappointing and saddening scenes we have ever witnessed in politics we have also seen some of the most inspiring scenes just one day apart!

I know there are people (mostly Trump supporters, I assume) who would say I and all non-Americans have no right to form an opinion, since he is not our president. Well, thankfully, he is not, but first, many of his actions will affect us all, and second, we do have our fair share of real-life political satire in Hungary, so when I refer to “them” I mean a whole bunch of ideals and people representing them.

Let me just say one thing then, that after yesterday’s amazing events I find even more convincingly to be true. It is that whatever happens from now on, instead of giving in to fear and disappointment, we should use these experiences to inspire us to do good! And then even more good! Because that’s what the world needs right now. Let’s keep on marching and letting them know that we are strong in our beliefs and no rule of oppressing beliefs can ever change that.

Now, here is your weekly reading.

Seven Trump Foreign Policy Assumptions

To stay on topic, here’s what to expect. To be honest though, – as much as I respect Professor Byman – it is like legal scholars still seem to know much more about the incoming administration’s foreign policiy goals than the administration itself.

A woman broke her leg in India. She died in Nevada from it. Her story is the most urgent health crisis that garners the least amount of attention.

Antibiotic resistance is a huge story affecting all of us and it is inconcievable why they are not talking about it in the news on a daily basis until it hits everyone.

Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016) and its Legal Repercussions Revisited

While unfortunately it is still possible that the US withdraws all funding from the UN causing a great disaster because of this one resolution, let’s take a look at the resolution itself.

The International Criminal Court in Crisis?

The part about The Gambia can be favorably updated now, but otherwise the future of the ICC remains to be seen. 

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