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Happy Sunday!


Well, after this week, if you are still not worried about the next four years, then you’d better switch channels because you must be watching some other show by accident.

I barely had the time to read everything alarmed bloggers posted this week, let alone report here about all that’s happened. I tried to pick posts on some of the most upsetting issues. 

Three Ways the Proposed Trump Refugee Ban is TOTALLY Unprecedented

Let’s start with the most important, one of the bombshell news of the past few days. It is widely reported that the political staff haven’t even coordinated with other key departments and agencies beforehand, which is unprecedented given such a serious and high-impact decision. This one’s about the refugee ban, but note that the executive order is in many ways more than that.

Trump’s Self-Defeating Executive Order On Interrogation

This was somewhat forseeable ever since certain statements and promises during the campaign, but that certainly doesn’t make it more acceptable.

Trump’s New “Global Gag Rule” is Much, Much More Far Reaching than George W. Bush’s Policy

This sounded already very disturbing when we thought he just did what republican presidents tend to do in this regard. But what actually happened can lead to disastrous consequences.

Ukraine Takes Russia to the International Court of Justice: Will It Work?

And meanwhile, the world keeps turning. As a most welcome distraction, here’s the analysis of something else going on in world affairs.

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