Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday! I hope this finds you well.


One twelfth of this year is already gone, I hope you have spent it great! I spent it studying most of the time and there is one more month ahead doing just that. Then perhaps a little rest. And then more studies. But also some exciting working projects to come in between.

How about you all?

The disturbing political actions of last weekend have not ceased to be disturbing over the course of the week. Here’s this week’s roundup.

UN Says 20,000 Refugees Could Be Immediately Affected By US Ban

And many have already been affected withing just the first week. The EU’s plans laid out in Malta this week – imho – is too meaningless and weak to counter that.

What U.N. Ambassador Haley’s Comment On Russia Really Means

Many were surprised by this, and found Nikki Haley’s words closer to the previous administration’s stance on Crimea, than that of the current one. Business circles still think that Trump is good for Russia.

Did Trump Scare Off the ICC?

Well, I don’t know about the politics of the prosecutor’s office either, but clearly, this is how diplomacy works…

Rattling Sabers to Save Democracy in The Gambia

It’s pretty much done now, and we can all agree it’s for the better. But it’s worth thinking through whether international law really serves us in these situations.

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