Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday!

Things don’t seem to calm down in US politics while there are lots of other things to talk about.

On a completely different note, have you seen Hidden Figures yet? I have just watched it yesterday, partly in appreciation of International Day of Women in Science. Those three remarkable ladies are true role models! Go watch the movie, if you can!

Anyway, I am struggling to be able to complete these posts every week, because of studying for the bar exam, which literally eats up all my time these days. Nevertheless, I will try to think of something special for the 200th week. I am doing this for 199 weeks now, isn’t it really something?

See you next week, check out this week’s reading until then.

Refugees in Limbo with Trump’s Executive Order

While it is still possible that the Trump administration will come up with a more defensible version of the EO, it still might only be a relief for those who are already legal residents of the US. Refugees are still not welcome.

Trump’s Controversial Views Combine on the Security Issue of Climate Refugees

This is a case of one thing leads to another that leads to another that leads to another and so on. But this time we are talking about life altering world events.

Editorial: The Case for a Kinder, Gentler Brexit

The problem is, I don’t think either side wants it to be kinder or gentler anymore.

‘Fake news’ highlights much bigger problems at play

So, what is the solution? Other than never believe anything you read…

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