Sunday Smack

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Welcome to the 200th Sunday Smack!

Less than two weeks to go for the first round of the bar exam, so instead of celebrating, I spend today (and the weekend, and the whole week, and every minute these days for that matter) studying like crazy. Meaning, I really don’t have time to mark the occasion properly, but this is the 200th week I am doing this weekly round-up! 200! Doing something this long, I could almost be proud of the achivement, if it felt like an achivement and not something I enjoy so much. I can only hope you enjoy it at least a tiny bit too.

I only wish I could bring you some lighter and more positive news for this occasion…

“Yet there’s no place for us”: Trump’s Executive Order epitomises a global trend of exclusion

Great writing! We should all take action if we want to stop this process before it’s too late.

The Amount of Sea Ice missing from the Arctic this winter is Roughly Twice the Size of France

More and more evidence show that taking action against climate change is also a matter of utmost urgency.

The African Union’s Collective Withdrawal from the ICC: Does Bad Law make for Good Politics?

As if there wasn’t enough problems in the world nowadays, collective withdrawal of African states from the ICC is now a possibility.

What Happens When States No Longer Govern?

Gravely enough the situation is such in several states of the world right now.

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