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Happy Sunday!


Can you believe it is almost August already? Only 1/3 of this summer remains, make sure to cherish the good times, that’s what I am going to do starting next weekend! Only one workweek to go… Also, do you know how it is, when a certain thing is going on in your life, and suddenly you find tons of articles in that topic without even looking? Like it’s not even you who finds them, but the other way around. Well, that is sort of what’s happening to me lately, follow me on Twitter, where I usually share my favorites. I know I have just said it last week, but isn’t Michelle Obama fantastic? How about that DNC speech? And also, who else is excited about the new Gilmore Girls trailer? Although, we knew it was going to be fall, but November 25? There’s way too much to sleep yet…

Now let’s get to this week’s reading…

Turkey’s Derogation from the ECHR – What to Expect? 

Great legal analysis of what might Turkey’s notification of derogation from the European Convention on Human Rights entail.

Lessons from Gaza: The Rhetoric and Reality of Independence in War Crimes Investigations

So, it seems we have a great system of international humanitarian law, but there is no sure way to investigate the crimes and find the perpetrators.

These Videos about “Male Guardianship” in Saudi Arabia Have Gone Viral

Just to think how our own lives would be if our every action had to be permitted by someone else, perhaps someone who doesn’t have our best interest at heart… I do respect the different aspects of different cultures, but I don’t believe this particular feature is a cultural thing. This is the XXI. century, everyone should be free!

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