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Happy Easter for those who celebrate it, and happy ordinary spring weekend for everybody else! I hope you are having a great weekend either way!

There were plenty of news concerning world affairs this week, it was hard to pick but a few posts again. Check them out.

5 Keys To Decoding the Nigerian Elections

For Nigeria this is undoubtedly positive. But whether it is huge enough to impact the whole region, time will tell.

Kenya Attack: Are schools the Newest Terrorist Targets?

Sadly enough. Yet again, this proves how extremists consider education and knowledge their biggest enemy.

On Palestine’s Decision to “Hold Off” on Referring the Situation in Palestine to the ICC

On April 1 Palestine almost quietly became party to the Rome Statute. Surprisingly though, there is no visible intention yet to refer their case for investigation.

Key Documents on the Iran Deal

Check these out to find out some details.

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