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Blabbing January 2022

Anyone else feels like January went by in a hurry? I barely got used to writing 2022 and now we are more than a month into the year. I started the year really exhausted after the end of year rush in my workplace, and I was determined to go on vacation for at least a few days. I was even contemplating a foreign trip for early February (just around now), which I haven’t had in a very long time, but that’s not going to happen now either (due to Covid and other reasons). Now I can’t have any days off…

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Sunday Smack

Happy Sunday everybody! Just when you think this year couldn’t get any weirder, there comes the next thing. It’s hard to imagine where can we go from here… In addition to this week’s selection I hope you’ll check out my post on ms-jd.org, I wrote about some important stuff there. Happy reading! The July 1st march: Another endangered democratic landmark for Hong Kong This issue is getting way less coverage in world news than the graveness of it would deserve. You can support the campaign to support democracy and freedom in Hong Kong at https://www.now.world/freedom. The COVID-19 tracking apps ecosystem unraveled:…

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