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Sunday Smack

Happy Sunday! This year is getting weirder and weirder, I guess and one can only hope we will come out of it into an improved and healed world in every way.  In Hungary official communication suggests we are over the pandemic (COVID-19, there is no communication about the other one, i.e. racism), theaters are opening, beaches are crowded, people are out and about like nothing happened, while there are still several new cases every day. I can’t really decide whether I am overly precautious for not wanting to mingle with people for a while or they are irresponsible for doing…

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“That may seem absurdly ambitious, but if the United Nations does not attempt to chart a course for the world’s peoples in the first decades of the new millennium, who will?” – former @unitednations Secretary General @kofiannan The UN Charter was signed 75 years ago today in San Francisco. 📖 #UN75 #UnitedNations #UNCharter #inHungarian #ENSZAlapokmány #wethepeoples (helyszín: Budapest, Hungary) https://www.instagram.com/p/CB593I7n25o/?igshid=1vj0vciygzgvz

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