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Sunday Smack

Happy Sunday! I hope you are well and safe this weekend! Here’s some reading for you. Am I the only one to think that most of this list should be applied all the time, regardless of world health emergencies? 🤔 The source is of course the World Health Organization, be sure to check out their website clicking here for many more useful information (and some myth-busting) about the coronavirus. Brexit Endgame: Britain’s EU Departure Marks the End of Brexit’s Beginning The day has come and Monday will probably look very similar to the days past (expect for British MEPs maybe),…

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Blabbing good reads: Tim Marshall’s Prisoners of Geography

The full title is Prisoners of Geography: Ten maps that tell you everything you need to know about global politics, and I can’t believe I only got around to read this great book now. Although I wouldn’t describe it as a summer read, I enjoyed reading it out in the sun on a long weekend off recently. đź“·: Goodreads I couldn’t exactly tell what I’ve expected from this book, but it sure exceeded my expectations in many different ways. It is almost like academic writing in a journalistic style, reciting history and stories of world affairs about how much geography…

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